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ABS Prototype Machining Methods
Jan 24, 2018

ABS prototype machining methods

1. CNC machining: CNC lathes have the advantage of being able to reflect very accurately the information presented on the drawing and that the surface quality of the CNC pallet is high, especially after it is finished with the surface coating and screen printing, even after the mold has been opened the product is also brilliant. Therefore, CNC prototype manufacturing more and more become the mainstream of prototype manufacturing.


2. SLA Laser Rapid Prototyping: Due to the principle of discrete / stack molding. It simplifies a very complex 3D manufacturing process to a superposition of two-dimensional processes, enabling the machining of any complex shape part. The more complex parts show the superiority of laser rapid prototyping technology. In addition, rapid prototyping technology is particularly suitable for complex parts, complex shapes and other traditional methods is difficult to manufacture even unmanufactured parts.


3. SLS Laser Rapid Prototyping: Like SLA Laser Rapid Prototyping, it uses the principle of discrete / stack molding. The complexity of a three-dimensional manufacturing process is reduced to a two-dimensional process of superposition, can achieve any complex shape parts machining. Mostly used for casting and functionally complex test samples.


4. Silicone compound mold: Silicone mold is one of the rapid production model (Rapid Prototyping), the advantage of time, spend less, less likely to process failure. A pair of silicone mold can make about 20 the same product. Silicone mold can be made of product materials: ABS, PC, PP, PA, soft rubber, transparent samples.


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