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Agricultural Robots Born From CNC Machining
Jan 05, 2018

Agricultural robots born from CNC machining

23 storey high "super fishing ground", all kinds of picking robots, can eat chrysanthemum... From barefoot farmers to plug "wings", recently by the Ministry of agriculture and the Jiangsu provincial government jointly organized the Chinese Jiangsu modern agricultural science and technology conference, head of the scientific and technological achievements of modern agriculture cool shocking. At home and abroad, a large number of colleges and universities and enterprises, as well as 46 academicians come to the meeting, exhibit 25 major and 1063 varieties of agricultural scientific and technological achievements.


According to Duan Xiong, deputy director of Jiangsu science and Technology Department, the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress reached 66.2% in 2016, and the creation index of agricultural intellectual property rights reached 88.9%, ranking the top in the country.


The exhibition is full of a variety of modern agricultural machinery, especially a variety of robots, staged the "general mobilization" of agricultural robots. From sowing, planting, farming, harvesting, harvesting, weeding, sorting, and sorting all the time to the packing, robots will all do it, and the fields can not be contaminated with soil. A company in Suzhou shows their development of fruit and vegetable picking robot ": when a red tomatoes in the robot eyes, immediately went to a machine hand, cut off the tomato Lotty, and red fruit gently thrown in front of their own big basket. Originally, this machine mainly uses sensors to automatically identify the color of the fruit and the branches and leaves to distinguish the three-dimensional spatial information and the maturity of the fruit.


China shipping heavy industry Wuchang ship shows the world's first large-scale intelligent fishing ground. A circular beautiful network model shows the world's first "super fishing ground". It was put into operation in Norway last October. It is reported that Jiangsu Lianyungang will also introduce the project, implementation of open sea fish.


The booth of the Nanjing Agricultural University is surrounded by chrysanthemum flowers, and these flowers can be eaten directly. The reporter tried a very sweet taste.  According to Wang Haibin, associate professor of horticulture College of Nanjing Agricultural University, more than 100 kinds of edible varieties were selected from more than 5000 chrysanthemums, and several kinds of sweet taste varieties were selected from them. In the future, people can form a pot of chrysanthemum, but also to enjoy the tour finished, it is delicious and good-looking.


Jiangsu University Associate Professor Shen Yue bring an unmanned high clearance self steering four wheel independent drive electric smart sprayers, effectively solve the problem of southern paddy farming, "paddy mud in depth, the deepest place is 30 - 50 cm, the traditional agricultural machinery in turn are difficult, and the machine ground clearance of 1.2 meters, with two wheel differential and shaft structure, with GPS positioning can no work." Shen Yue said the result has been transformed, but some people come to the exhibition from time to time.


"We will aim at the forefront of the world's agricultural science and technology, further promote the docking of agriculture and technology, and constantly improve the material and technological level of agriculture, and promote the transformation and upgrading of agriculture and the increase of farmers' income." Jiangsu Provincial Agriculture Commission Director Wu Peiliang said that the conference focused on scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the agricultural science and technology exchange and cooperation between Jiangsu and overseas, will have a profound impact on the development of agricultural science and technology.