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Anne Capsule Gastroscope Robot Pioneered Intelligent Medical Treatment
Jan 05, 2018

Anne capsule gastroscope robot pioneered intelligent medical treatment

In December 29th 017, in the tenth session of the "health China forum", capsule endoscopy robot Ann John Ann John medical chairman, Ann John New capsule endoscopy examinations, into artificial intelligence to enhance data analysis capabilities, the use of cloud remote consultation mechanism, can provide a powerful guarantee for the data collection and research of gastric diseases. Moreover, compared with the big data obtained from hospital patients, larger data of gastric cancer will provide more reference value and strategy basis for screening gastric cancer in China.


Through the cloud platform technology created by Han, three a hospital can provide professional reading services for various medical institutions, health institutions and medical institutions at all levels. Internet plus mode of cooperation across the geographical constraints, the two or three line of the city people can enjoy the high-end medical resources. Kyrgyzstan Pengsong analogy that, as with the bank and ATM throughout the high streets and back lanes, capsule endoscopy in compliance with the safety of the premise, the future can service by way of the community, remove the human data with the ATM model, and transported to the back of the "bank" medical institutions to, by experts and medical diagnosis.