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CNC Engraving Machine Processing Eight Major Issues
Jan 20, 2018

CNC engraving machine processing eight major issues

First, CNC milling can only be rough and CNC engraving machine can only do finishing?

A: We first understand the concept of process, rough machining process, finishing a small amount of processing, it is customary to rough machining that is "heavy cutting", the finishing that is "light cutting" . In fact, roughing, semi-finishing, finishing is the concept of process, which represents a different processing stage. Then the answer to this question should be this: CNC milling can do heavy cutting, light cutting can also be done, and CNC engraving machine can only do light cutting.

Second, CNC engraving machine can do the processing of steel materials?

A: To determine whether the CNC engraving machine can process a certain material, mainly depends on how much to use the tool. CNC engraving machine tool used to determine its maximum cutting capacity.

Third, CNC engraving process can use a very small diameter tool, then it can replace EDM?

A: This is irreplaceable. Although engraving reduces the range of tool diameters for milling, the length / diameter ratio of engraving tools is typically around 5: 1. When using a small diameter tool, can only process a very shallow cavity, and EDM process almost no cutting force, as long as the electrode can be manufactured, you can process the cavity.