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CNC Machined Household Floor Sweeping Robot
Dec 27, 2017

CNC machined Household Floor Sweeping Robot

We have to deal with busy housework every day in addition to our busy work. The pressure of life itself has been very large. For such trivial matters as housework, it often shows that there is no time to deal with it. However, it is mistaken for minor household chores. If a long time is dirty, a bad living environment will seriously affect people's mood and health. In the face of more and more rigid demand, big intelligent household appliances manufacturers have launched ground cleaning tools - cleaning robots. Because of its clean and efficient way of sweeping robot has been gradually accepted by the public, but when consumers buy often because of a wide range of products and do not know how to choose, following by hot money sweeping robot brands do a detailed analysis, see your favorite sweeping machine people have what skills ".

In the smart home market, there are not many enterprises that really have core technology. Only some well-known brands and industry veteran enterprises have strong conditions for R & D and design. In the sweeping robot market, well-known German brand Feina TOMEFON can be said to be the industry benchmark. From product design to process selection, the consumer is very highly valued, and it is one of the most widely covered area sweeping robot brands.

Feina TOMEFON sweeping robot is very practical. First, it solves the problem of the cleaning of the large type, and provides the large dust box and the large water tank on the basis of ensuring the delicate and small body of the fuselage. The dust box Feina TOMEFON's 880S sweeping robot has fully 600ml, 300ml on the market than the dust box generally two times bigger. The wet towing tank of the 880S sweeping robot also has a large capacity of 220ml, plus the uniform seepage hole designed at the bottom of the water tank, which accurately controls the seepage rate, and it can cope with sweeping and towing of the large family easily. In addition, the type of large capacity lithium battery with 2000mAh on the machine can work at a time of 100min, leaving the trouble of regular charging.

By understanding that wireless indoor positioning system using the carrier Feina TOMEFON sweeping robot positioning system is one of the most advanced mainstream. Sensitive detection of high precision positioning collocation can realize the full house cleaning plan, but also draw out with the furniture map, these data will be a comprehensive collation and analysis, Feina TOMEFON sweeping robot for each room separately formulate reasonable cleaning plan, so that each room has a separate cleaning solution, cleaning is targeted. Clean more thoroughly.

A good cleaning robot needs not only advanced technical support, but also excellent quality of the product. So the selection of sweeping robots is recommended to select famous brands.