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CNC Machined Parts Created Unmanned Vehicles
Jan 26, 2018

CNC machined parts created Unmanned vehicles

The opening of CES 2018, the major domestic manufacturers have carried out their latest technology and product exhibition. As one of the leaders in the field of domestic driverless car, Baidu provided the media with trial driving of Baidu Apollo 2 driverless vehicle on the eve of CES in the US R & D center.

From the trial video of sina science and technology field, the Baidu Apollo 2 driverless vehicle system has been equipped with the ability of fully automatic driving under the actual road condition. The driver doesn't need any intervention, including changing lane, waiting for red light and avoiding collision.

According to the engineer of Baidu Research Center, the vehicle equipped with 64 lines of lidar and two cameras is equipped with a millimeter wave radar equipped with a power drive for oil and electricity mixing.

Last April 19th, Baidu officially released the Apollo plan, the plan to the automotive industry and the field of automatic driving partners to provide an open, complete and secure software platform to help them with the vehicle and hardware system, quickly set up their own set of complete automatic driving system.

At the 2017 Baidu AI developer conference in July, Baidu gave a detailed explanation of the Apollo program. In simple terms, Apollo is the Android automatic driving, more open, more than the android.

According to Baidu previously disclosed, the plan at the end of July 2018, the small scale and cooperation to achieve unmanned buses Jinlong car production and trial operation, and in 2019 and 2020, Beiqi JAC, and Chery jointly launched unmanned vehicle.