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CNC Machined Robots Enters College Campus
Dec 27, 2017

CNC machined robots enters college campus

In 2017, RoboCup Asia-Pacific (RCAP) was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and more than 1000 players from more than 300 teams from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the competition. Guided by the Jeffrey Too Chuan TAN, associate professor of Nankai University College of computer and control engineering, School of computer and control engineering undergraduate Zhang Jiashi, Hu Ziqi, Xu Yucheng, Hu Tianshuai, Jing Zhi Bo, Zhao Juntao, Zhang Jie, Zhang Chenglin, Liang Changhao's team "Kamerider" in the Robocup@home Family Service group of OpenPlatform, Challenge two Education after the game 4 days of intense competition, and ultimately gains the two champion.


The Asia Pacific Robot World Cup is an international academic organization that integrates robotics and AI, and covers education, research and industry. It is also the most influential, highest academic and largest robot competition and academic activity in the Asia Pacific region. The content covers the current robot in the field of the most popular items, including 15 items, home service robot, robot soccer robot, search and rescue robot logistics challenge.


The family service group is divided into three links, Stage1, Stage2 and Final, to examine many aspects of the robot. The team members said that we built robot hardware and software in two months, and finally completed the competition. We also learned other teams' outstanding performance and highlighting aspects, which strengthened everyone's determination to be better and stronger.