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CNC Machining Aluminum, How To Ensure The Dimension?
Jan 17, 2018

CNC machining aluminum, how to ensure the dimension?

First of all, under the premise of aluminum, there are several aspects to consider:

First, the irresistible factors:

1. The stability of the machine itself. If not a new machine or machine into a large number of processing without debugging case, there will be caused by the size of the machine itself error. The error caused by the machine itself has the following factors:


Mechanical aspects:

a. Servo motor and lead screw loose.

b. Ball screw bearings or nuts worn.

c. Insufficient lubrication between lead screw and nut.



a. Servo motor failure.

b. grating ruler dirt inside.

c. Servo amplifier malfunction.

System parameters can be PMC recovery, so I will not mention.


2. workpiece cooling deformation after processing. This is basically unavoidable, as far as possible in the processing of coolant use, as well as in-position measurement, pay attention to the workpiece after cooling deformation.


1. Processing technology

In fact, most of the actual machining error is caused by the unreasonable processing technology, to ensure that the basic processing technology (such as milling CNC machining, "after the first rough fine, the first back hole, first big face small face" or the use of the fixture " Reduce the number of clamping, as far as possible by using the combination of fixture "and other basic processing technology details), based on the iron scrap to minimize the processing error caused by the aluminum, because the aluminum is very soft, easy to exclude iron scrap processing errors caused by aluminum .


2. Cutting three elements: cutting speed vc, feed f, cutting depth ap and tool compensation

In this respect, it is unspeakable. In simple terms, it is to adjust the parameters to give full play to the cutting performance of the tool under the premise of ensuring the processing quality and tool wear, so that the cutting efficiency is the highest and the processing cost is the lowest. In the CNC lathe, as well as cutter wear compensation and other factors.


3. Manual programming and numerical programming in automatic programming

In manual programming, the calculation of error is also a common situation, but most of the production is now automatic programming.


4 on the knife

The knife is not accurate is also caused by size error factor, try to choose a good edge finder, if the machine has an automatic knife that would be better, if there is no edge finder that try cutting it, this is the operating experience.


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