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CNC Robot Parts Sold On The Internet
Dec 08, 2017

CNC robot parts sold on the Internet is usually seen. December 3rd to 5, "the development of the digital economy to promote open sharing: to build cyberspace community of destiny" as the theme of the fourth session of the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen grand opening. Compared with the past, this conference pays more attention to the display of the top technology in the global Internet. During the conference, dozens of intelligent experience projects were introduced, including Ali supermarket, Xiao translation machine, remote intelligent robot (300024, diagnostic stocks), quantum communication achievement display and so on.

In order to better protect the robot services in the Internet Conference, the Zhejiang remote transmission information technology Limited by Share Ltd has provided the world wide conference of "intelligent service robot overall solution" for the current conference. The application of remote intelligent robot remote transmission technology of face recognition, target follow, natural language understanding, speech synthesis and voice analysis of industry-leading technology, help to improve the intelligence and advanced assembly experience.

It is understood that the remote transmission technology deployed a total of 15 intelligent service robots, including 12 consulting service robots, 1 security patrol robots, 2 garbage collection robots. From different service dimensions, the consulting service robot provides convenient exhibition guidance and related consulting services for the guests. The security patrol robot mainly focuses on strengthening safety protection, and garbage collection robot provides intelligent cleaning service guarantee.

Remote consultation service robot, which can listen to understand what you said

Want to ask the agenda, find the booth, check the traffic, be familiar with the introduction of Wuzhen, and understand the cultural and entertainment... How to do? 12 telex service robot, distributed in every corner of the meeting, at any time for the guests to serve! The exhibition map, exhibitors, the agenda of the conference, Wuzhen and surrounding areas, cultural entertainment, robot small answer.

Moreover, small robot can also interact with guests by face recognition and speech recognition, and provide conference information with screen display and interaction.  Based on the technologies of trackless navigation, speech recognition, face recognition and three security protection system, it can be applied to all kinds of business places, administrative offices, exhibition halls, hotels, shopping malls, airports and other places.

Remote security patrol robot, safety protection upgrade

In addition to the dedicated service in the field, the security of the conference is also a critical issue for small and remote robots. Ji'an's patrol patrol, early warning and data analysis is a long distance patrol patrol robot. It can navigate and patrol independently, monitor road foreign objects, detect fire hazards, and detect infrared at night. For anomaly information, far away can take the initiative to alert, and synchronize the background management system, effectively protect security, and have the ability of big data analysis. It provides managers with decision-making basis and improves management quality.

The smart park security patrol robot and management system, which is pioneered by remote transmission technology, is widely used in property, shopping malls, parking lots, industrial parks, production shops and other fields. 7*24 hours are automatically operated at all weather. Lin got rain, endure the cold, got climbing slope, and can withstand all kinds of harsh natural environment.

Remote garbage collection robot, with the call for

In addition, there are two super - budding remote garbage collection robots, waiting for the guests' call in the casual dining area. As long as you call it by name, the robot will call "garbage collection". Come to you to automatically open the lid, thoughtful to tell you "please put the trash to me". The robot can be interactive, mobile and shaped like trash can, which is suitable for outdoor rest area, dining area and other places to collect garbage. It provides intelligent cleaning services for the conference.

It is reported that the remote transmission of intelligent service robot is one of the three most intelligent products of remote transmission technology. Remote transmission technology was established in 2004, based on the field of smart services. In addition to intelligent service robot products, it also provides industry-leading intelligent customer service solutions and smart service cloud application products.

Long distance technology indicates that the company is committed to becoming a leader in smart service technology, using AI + customer service, + marketing, + property services, and security patrol to make service smarter and better experience for customers.