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Commercial Robots Made By CNC Machining
Jan 11, 2018

Commercial robots made by CNC machining

Beijing time January 9th morning news, at this year's CES exhibition, LG released an intelligent robot CLOi, through voice assistant to control other smart appliances. At the same time, LG also updated TV products, adding Google voice assistant Google Assistant and Amazon Alex to its new 4K OLED and Super UHD LCD TV product line.


CLOi intelligent robot is a new step taken by LG in the field of smart home appliances. It will respond to your voice, such as helping you decide what to cook according to the food available in the fridge, and preheating the oven after making your decision. Can be said to be a very friendly voice assistant to the kitchen.


At the same time, LG has also released an intelligent home appliance platform, ThinkQ, to integrate its multiple smart appliances, and it will also help you make some decisions. The ThinkQ voice box is integrated with the Google voice assistant, Google Assistant, which uses voice to control smart appliances.


LG this year's OLED and Super UHD LCD two TV product lines are also updated. High frame rate support up to 120 frames per second, but the lack of support for HDMI 2.1, which means that it can't pick up the equipment imported from foreign sources. The biggest highlight of TV lies in its update of software and image processor. The new Alpha 9 processor equipped in high-end series can display accurate color and enhance image rendering ability. A voice assistant allows users to use voice to operate TV, such as search programs and change stations.


At the same time, LG has also released three concept robots, one of which is to order a restaurant or to provide services to the airport terminal. Another transport robot helps carry baggage and also provides quick check - in and checkout services. The last one is a shopping cart robot that allows customers to complete the scavengers directly with their built-in bar code scanners and pay automatically during the checkout.