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Domestic Industrial Robots Parts Machined By CNC
Dec 15, 2017

Domestic industrial robots parts machined by CNC

Domestic industrial robots parts machined by CNC is wax-lyrical. This year, the application range of domestic industrial robots has continued to increase, which has served the category of the 37 industries and 102 industries in the national economy. This shows that the robot is deeply integrated into the manufacturing industry and boosts the development of China's manufacturing industry.

Chinese robot industry alliance released 14 report shows that this year the domestic industrial robot applications and expand the 3 industry categories, 11 industry categories, in addition to the traditional automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, metal products and so on, but also added a black metal smelting and rolling industry; from the sales point of view, the car the manufacturing industry is still in the forefront of the market of domestic industrial robot applications. In addition, the sales of light industry robots in furniture manufacturing, beverage and refined tea manufacturing are growing well.

Luo Junjie, deputy director of the Ministry of equipment industry division said industrial robot after automobile manufacturing and electronic information industry, has been used in hardware, sanitary ware, furniture, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, service robots, special robot for medical rehabilitation, emergency rescue and other professional scene, and can provide emotional, family entertainment escort services, highlighting the robot the expanding range of applications.

Industry analysts believe that as the robot industry accelerates with artificial intelligence technology, robots are becoming more and more intelligent. Based on this, the robot is constantly entering the new industry and integrating with the manufacturing industry. With the intelligent upgrading and upgrading of production and manufacturing, the industrial robot market will continue to thrive. It is expected that the size of the domestic market is expected to expand to $5 billion 900 million by 2020.