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Five-axis CNC Machining Center Profile
Dec 07, 2017

Five-axis CNC machining center profile

Vertical (triaxial) the most effective processing surface only for the top of the workpiece, horizontal machining center with rotary table, the workpiece can only be completed on all sides. The current high-end machining centers are moving in the direction of five-axis (and five-axis and above) control, the workpiece can be completed a pentahedron clamping process. Such as the configuration of five-axis linkage of high-end CNC system, you can also complex high-precision surface machining.

There are two types of rotary axes for this type of machining center, one is the rotary axis of the table.

The other is to rely on vertical spindle head rotation.

Now Five-axis CNC machining center has gradually become the most important machinery processing industry equipment, it is processing a wide range of large amount of use.

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By Nicole.