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Fried Chicken In The Sky! Fast Food Restaurant Uses An UAV To Deliver Takeout To LuXun Academy Of Fine Arts Dalian Campus
Sep 22, 2017


“The takeout is not allowed to be sent to campus. It doesn’t matter. We’ve got an UAV.”  On September 6th, an undergraduate in LuXun Academy of Fine Arts Dalian campus posted a microblog weibo(Twitter’s Chinese version) and said that because the school authority prohibits delivery guys to deliver takeout food into the campus, the fried chicken restaurant nearby use an UAV to airdrop fried chicken to the downstairs of the dormitory. After the microblog spread, a lot of net users gathered on the Internet to discuss about this. A fried chicken restaurant use a UAV to airdrop the takeout food. According to the microblog posted by an undergraduate in LAFA Dalian campus , at the lunch time on September 6th, an UAV flied into the airspace of the campus with a rope hanging up the takeout chicken.



Xiaoyu, the student who posted the microblog, said that in order to maintain the campus order, the delivery guys are not allowed to enter in, so students need to go to the campus gate to pick the takeout food up and some students think it a bit troublesome.     

Therefore, the fried chicken restaurant come up with an idea that use UAVs to airdrop food sent out. Our reporter signed in the online food reservation platform and found that “LAFA don’t allow us in, then we airdrop it ”,Delivery to the downstairs of the dormitory is available; don’t worry” were written in the introduction of the restaurant goods online.


Then, how to ensure the accuracy of the airdrop?

Xiaoyu said there is a camera on the UAV and the fried chicken restaurant can monitor which dormitory the UAV is flying to in real time; after the UAV flies to the designated location, students will be informed to pick the food up.”

Because the carrying capacity of an UAV is restricted, it cannot carry so much takeout food but is OK to send several orders once. An UAV costs nearly 10 thousand RMB. The owner of the fried chicken restaurant is a young couple and they are Xiaoyu’s good friends.

Xiaoyu said, “The owner spent nearly 10 thousand RMB to buy the UAV and it is used for aerial photography originally; the school authority prohibits delivery man into the campus so the couple use it for air delivery.” UAV take-out food delivery, this business is a start at the beginning of the upon start.