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How To Avoid Defects In The Production Of Machine Tool Castings
Jun 15, 2018

Avoid defects in the production of machine tool castings.


1. Reduce the amount of gas generated in the sand casting process, improve the machine casting structure, improve the air permeability of the sand type and core, so that the gas can be discharged smoothly.


2. Minimize the thermal section at the connection between the walls and try to reduce the pouring temperature and pouring speed.


3. Increase the temperature of molten iron. Reduce slag viscosity. Improve the slag blocking ability of the gating system. Increase the machine tool casting fillet.


4. Strictly control the sand performance and styling operation. And pay attention to cleaning the cavity before closing.


5. Strictly control the content of S and P in the molten iron. The machine tool casting wall thickness is as uniform as possible. Improve the concession of sand and core. Pouring risers should not hinder machine tool casting shrinkage. Avoid sudden changes in wall thickness. Open type can’t be premature and quench machine tool castings.


6. Increase the pouring temperature and casting speed. Do not stop the flow and prevent running fire.


7. Strictly control the sand, core sand performance, improve the casting system, so that the molten metal flow smoothly, large plane machine tool castings should be tilted.