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How To Solve Aluminum Alloy Parts CNC Machining Mirror Effect Has Fog Surface?
Apr 18, 2018

How to solve Aluminum alloy parts CNC machining mirror effect has fog surface?

The methods for making the mirror effect of the aluminum alloy parts CNC machining is as follows:

1, choose high-quality material and sharp milling cutter;

2, using "stable, slow, fine, fine" approach to the cutter;

3, auxiliary spray oil and coolant;

4, for high-speed CNC milling.

CNC (Numerical Control Machine) is the abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). It is an automatic machine controlled by a program. The control system can logically process programs having control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode them by a computer, so that the machine tool can perform prescribed actions, and the workblank can be processed into semi-finished or finished parts by tool cutting.

By Nicole