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Joseph F·Engelberger, The Father Of Robot
Sep 22, 2017

Joseph Engelberg is the one of the most famous robotics experts in the world. He was born in 1925 in Brooklyn, New York, a German immigrant family. As a technology and science fiction enthusiasts,he joined the army when he was 17 years old and studied physics in Columbia University,and then spent three years to obtain the school's master's degree in mechanical engineering.

Engelberg believes that service robots are closely related to people's lives, service robot applications will continue to improve people's quality of life, which is what people are pursuing the goal. Once the service robot like other mechanical and electrical products as people accepted, into the tens of thousands of households, the market will be limited.


Our company was founded in 2004.We are professional manufacturer of robot structure parts. We provide professional services of structural design optimization and parts machining, and has accumulated rich experience in the service-robots field that including climbing-stairs robots, rehabilitation robots and intelligent robot seats, etc.

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