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Magnesium Alloy Parts CNC Machining, Magnesium Alloy Parts Manufacturers
Dec 28, 2017

Magnesium alloy parts CNC machining, Magnesium alloy parts manufacturers

Magnesium alloy machining is Magnesium based on the addition of other elements composed of alloy machining. Its characteristics are: low density (about 1.8g / cm3 Magnesium alloy), high specific strength, high modulus of elasticity, shock absorption is good, withstand impact load capacity than aluminum, corrosion resistance of organic matter and alkali good. The main alloying elements are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium. Currently the most widely used is magnesium alloy, followed by magnesium manganese alloy and magnesium zinc alloy. Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemicals, rockets and other industrial sectors.


Magnesium alloy machining and corrosion and mechanical properties have many features: light weight, good rigidity, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, impact resistance, wear resistance, good attenuation and easy recovery; in addition to high thermal conductivity and Conductive properties, non-magnetic, good shielding and non-toxic features.


Magnesium alloy machining applications: Magnesium alloys are widely used in portable devices and the automotive industry, to achieve the purpose of lightweight. Although the specific gravity of magnesium alloy is heavier than that of plastic, the strength and elastic modulus per unit weight are higher than those of plastic. Therefore, with the same strength of parts, the magnesium alloy parts can be thinner and lighter than plastic. In addition, since the specific strength of magnesium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy and iron, the weight of aluminum or iron parts can be reduced without reducing the strength of the parts.


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