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Metal Parts Description
Dec 15, 2017

Metal Parts Description

Metal parts materials: steel and non-ferrous metals (or non-ferrous metals).

Parts made of various metals

Parts made of various metals

Iron and steel: The alloys containing 2% -4.3% carbon are cast iron and the alloys containing iron with a carbon content of 0.03% -2% are generally steel. In Fe-C alloys, various suitable amounts of alloying elements are intentionally added to improve the strength, hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel. Commonly used alloying elements Si, Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, W, V, Ti, Nb, B, etc., forming a wide range of alloy cast iron or alloy steel.


1) anti-corrosion anti-rust treatment: boiled black, boiled blue also called phosphating treatment, so that metal parts with corrosion-resistant, anti-rust properties.

2) hard processing: increase the hardness of metal parts processing methods: 1. Increase the surface hardness of metal parts using surface carburizing, carburizing the surface color will be too black; 2. Quenching can increase the hardness; 3. Vacuum heat treatment Improve the integrity of the hardness.

Processing technology

Machining, stamping, precision casting, powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, laser processing, EDM, ultrasonic machining, electrolytic machining, particle beam processing and ultra-high speed machining. Similar cars, milling, forging, casting, grinding, CNC machining, CNC machining centers are all CNC machining centers.