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Part Machining The Specific Treatment Of The Principle
Feb 07, 2018

Part machining the specific treatment of the principle:

1, in the mechanical parts machining technology parts machining technology road, often have a heat treatment process. The organization of the orientation of the heat treatment process is as follows: In order to improve the metal cutting function, such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, etc., the organization is usually machined before the mechanical parts are processed. In order to eliminate internal stress, such as aging, quenching and machining, etc., usually after the rough organization, finishing before. In order to improve the mechanical functions of parts, such as carburizing, quenching, tempering, etc., usually after the mechanical parts machining organization. Such as heat treatment after a larger deformation, the organization must be the end of machining.

2, a reasonable choice of equipment. Rough mechanical parts machining is to cut off most of the allowance, does not require a higher machining accuracy of mechanical parts, so the roughing should be larger, less accurate machine tool, finishing process is required High-precision machine tool machining. Coarse, finishing in different machine tools are processed, both to give full play to equipment, but also extend the life of the fine machine.

3, in order to ensure that the machining precision parts machining precision machining parts, rough, precision mechanical parts machining is the best separation. Due to rough machining time, large amount of cutting, the work piece by the cutting force, clamping force, heat and more mechanical parts machining appearance more obvious work hardening appearance, the work piece there is a relatively large internal stress, If the crude, rough machining of mechanical parts in succession, then the accuracy of parts after finishing due to the spread of stress from scratch and loss quickly. Some parts on the high precision machining requirements of the parts. After roughing and finishing before, should also organize low-temperature annealing or aging treatment process to eliminate internal stress. Mechanical parts machining is what, the specific machining of parts machining principles, we all know it. Part machining the specific treatment methods to remember the principle of ah, in the fine parts machining technology road, often organized heat treatment process, a reasonable selection of equipment, in order to ensure the accuracy of precision machining of fine, coarse, fine machining of the best mechanical parts Is carried out separately.


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