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Precision Parts Machining Difficult Problem Solutions
Jan 04, 2018

Precision parts machining difficult problem solutions

In CNC machining, thin-walled parts have been more and more widely used in the fields of aerospace, communications and national defense because of their light weight, material saving and compact structure. However, Thin, rigid, easy to deform processing difficulties have become the thorny issues that need to be faced at the same time, due to the thin-walled parts of their own characteristics, in the actual processing difficult to achieve the design of the form of tolerance requirements, the processing more complicated programming, processing Need to pay attention to more details, the actual operation is more complicated.


In order to improve the stability of the size of parts, the processing of thin-walled parts must be considered from the aspects of process arrangement, fixture design, equipment selection, tool selection, machining parameter selection, programming and so on, The processing accuracy of the problem.


Through the analysis of the workpiece structure and machining difficulties, according to the characteristics of the part, to develop processing technology. This part due to larger size tolerance of its processing difficulties is the main part to solve the problem of deformation, and to solve the part deformation is mainly to solve three problems, the first part to solve the problem of stress release, the second to solve the problem of clamping, the third to solve the problem of cutting force.


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