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Production Of CNC Prototype Process Steps
Jan 24, 2018

The process of making CNC prototypes generally includes the following steps:

The first step, programming. Is based on the 3D map provided by the customer, for data programming, so that computer gong according to these 3D data for the knife, turning machining.

The second step, CNC computer gongs machining, which is commonly used in plastic prototype machining, the use of many materials, common for ABS, POM, PC, PP, PA, PMMA, etc., different products for different materials.

The third step, manually trimming corners, remove the border, knocked plaster, split pieces of adhesive, polished for the product ready.

The fourth step, in accordance with the effect of the surface finished by the customer to deal with, such as grinding and polishing transparent, such as fuel injection printing, electroplating laser engraving and even drawing oxidation and so on.

The fifth step, product assembly, testing capabilities, such as the smooth realization of functional requirements, the prototype production is completed, otherwise, the 3D map changes to improve the initial design requirements.


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