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Robot And Autopilot Have Been Realized, Travel Time Is Far Away
Dec 08, 2017

Robot and autopilot have been realized, travel time is far away

According to the related theories of physics, under certain conditions, complex wormholes will form, and humans can return to different times through wormholes. Ethan Siegel, an astrophysicist at Louis Clarke University, wrote on the Forbes Web site's blog: Although scientists have not yet found the conditions behind the clock and creating a system that is long enough for human travel, the laws of theoretical physics Did not find it unrealizable.

Traveling in time will take advantage of complex copies of particles of known positive or positive mass known as negative or negative energetic particles that exist only in theory and have never been discovered by scientists. Siegel wrote in his blog: "If this negative or negative energy material exists, then it will form a supermassive black hole and its negative or negative energy copies, when they are connected together, it should be formed A wormhole for our time travel. "


Humanoid robots and autopilot have been achieved, the time travel is far? No matter how far the distance between black holes you connect to, Siegel says, the momentary connection is preserved as long as they have enough mass or energy (positive or negative mass or energy). Worm holes can also be constructed in such a way that one end of the channel remains nearly stationary and the other end moves at near light speed. It is theoretically possible for one to achieve a countercurrent trip to enter such a wormhole.


Siegel also envisioned a 40-year-old destination travel program: After a year in the wormhole, the wormhole moves fast for 40 years at one end and only 1 year on the other. Siegel wrote: "If someone had created such a pair of entangled wormholes 40 years ago, entering one of the wormholes today from 2017 will be able to return to another wormhole in 1978."