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Several Mainstream Hand Market Comparison Of Processing Technology
Jan 11, 2018

Several mainstream hand market comparison of processing technology

1. The advantages of CNC handwheel are that it can accurately reflect the information expressed in the drawings and the surface quality of the CNC handpiece is high, especially when it is finished with the surface coating and screen printing, even more than the products produced after the opening of the mold.

Therefore, CNC hand board manufacturing more and more become the mainstream hand board manufacturing.

2, RP hand plate, namely rapid prototyping, the advantage mainly in its rapidity, but it is mainly formed by the accumulation of technology, so RP hand board is generally relatively rough, and the wall thickness of the product have certain requirements, such as wall thickness too Thin can not produce. SLA and SLS are both suitable for the production of samples with complex structure and high precision. The SLA is suitable for appearance samples because of the brittleness of the material. SLS is more suitable for the rapid forming of parts with hardness requirements.

3, Silicone compound mold is a processing method that needs to be trial-produced in small batches. According to the 3D drawing or the physical prototype, a corresponding silicone mold is made first, and then a silicone mold is used for vacuum casting to make a sample. A set of silicone mold The number of products that can be poured out is usually 15-20 pieces, which has great cost advantage when the trial production of small batch is needed.