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South Korea Started Research And Development Of Anti-terrorism Riot Robots
Dec 15, 2017

South Korea started research and development of anti-terrorism riot robots

South Korea Defense Agency announced on the 8th, will start developing the most advanced anti-terrorism riot robot to meet the needs of different fields.

Yonhap reported that the South Korean Defense Agency intends to complete the system simulation of the robot by 2019 and prototype production, and then put into mass production. The robots usually perform exploration and exclusion of counter-terrorism tasks such as explosives. In wartime, robots can undertake the task of clearing obstacles, opening up channels in the demilitarized zone and exploring the enemy's underground facilities, and take over the most dangerous tasks that require manual execution.

The Defense Agency selected Hanwha Group, one of the top 10 consortia in South Korea, as a robot project developer and signed a contract of 7.6 billion won (about 45.97 million yuan) with the other on the 29th of last month.

Defense Agency said that with the anti-terrorist robot research and development started, the detection of underground facilities such as ground penetrating radar and other core technologies will enter the research and development stage. These new technologies will not only enhance military combat effectiveness but also conform to the fourth wave of industrial revolution.

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