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Takeaway Also Play Robot Feeding
Nov 24, 2017

Yesterday, what the hungry and Baidu took the first appearance after the merger took place, held a "future logistics" strategy conference to showcase its take-out of robots and unmanned aerial vehicles and other technology products. CEO Zhang Xu Hao hungry, said that following the business since distribution, labor-intensive distribution, real-time delivery has been developed to technology-intensive distribution phase.

Hungry last day released the first take-away robot named "Wanjiao hungry", mainly for the end of the building distribution, is now in Shanghai some office testing. This robot supports a maximum load of 80 kg, can load 3 to 4 different take-outs at once, and is equipped with an incubator. Specifically, the take-away staff into the building, the take-out into the robot "belly", the robot will be able to automatically plan the path and take the elevator to reach the designated floor, and finally dial the user's phone to inform the user to take a meal. When the user to find the robot, enter the phone number verification, you can get the meal.

Debut together, there are hungry takeaway drones. The Chinese name of this UAV is "Wing", also known as "E7", with a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour and almost one kilometer per minute. It is currently the maximum load is 6 kg, probably carrying 8 to 10 takeaway, mainly for long-distance delivery, it will be delivered to the designated place of the meal, and then by the take-away staff and then served on the hands of customers. According to reports, it has been hungry and Qingpu District, Shanghai signed an agreement to open several trunk drone delivery routes.
However, the face of the complex delivery section, these new robots, unmanned aerial usability is not optimistic about the industry.

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