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The Arrival Of Helper Robots And Audio - Controlled TV Made By CNC Parts
Jan 05, 2018

The arrival of helper robots and audio - controlled TV made by CNC parts

Household robot


People may not be used to chatting with smart speakers before. Now they are different. There are more and more habits. Experts believe that there will be robots in enterprises. They are not only interesting toys but also good family helpers.


TechCrunch expert Anthony Ha (Anthony Ha) said: "like intelligent speakers, these robots can view information, take pictures, and improve safety. I think this is a problem that has not yet been solved."


One company is developing a home robot, which is Mayfield Robotics, and the company is going to launch a Kuri robot next spring, which is priced at $899.


Anthony ha said: "Kuri robot has a strong ability of computer vision processing, it can know who you are. If family activities are interesting, it may take a picture, because you may want to leave good memories behind.


In simple terms, everyone will appear in the picture and don't worry about someone missing out.


Wireless charging 2


When the battery power of a smartphone is reddening, everyone may have been anxious.


First, you have to find a charger, and then, when you charge it, you can only place it in one place.


This kind of thing will change soon.


A month ago, FCC approved the two companies, Energous and PowerCast, to provide wireless charging devices that could be powered by electric waves.


Engadget expert Chris Vilazzo (Chris Velazco) said: "if you sit in the coverage of the transmitter, you can use your cell phone to charge your cell phone and charge from the air."


At the CES exhibition in January this year, the two companies may show charging technology.


Long endurance notebook


This year, ASUS, HP, Lenovo and other companies will launch the "interconnected PC", which can be extended for 20 hours. The laptop is equipped with a high pass processor, similar to the Android.


Why do you need such a notebook instead of iPad?


Vilazzo said, "there are two main reasons, one is familiarity, and the two is compatible."


For some people familiar with Windows, this notebook allows them to use the familiar platforms.


In addition, Vilazzo also gave a reason: "for people like me, travel always brings many USB adapters and SD cards to iPad, which are compatible with new notebooks.


Television is more intelligent


Technology is progressing, and smart TV will become smarter.


Anthony ha said: "I think there is a big trend this year is worth noting. That's the integration of products with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. TV is one of them."


For example, SONY Bravia has supported no hand control, and users can control it with Amazon's Alexa device or Google Home.