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The Importance Of The UAV Rack For The Four Axes
Aug 18, 2017


The importance of the rack for the four axes is like bones for animals. We need to build a variety of components in the rack: motor, electric transfer, flight control and so on. And for the novice, we do not need to buy a tall carbon fiber rack, but a cheap easy to repair the economical environment-friendly rack.

Well, in fact, the only thing worthy of recommendation to the novice is the Xinjiang wind wheel series (of course not the original goods, you understand ...), since three years ago, DJI launched the series of fire wheel series, because of its simple Easy to assemble the structure to facilitate the wiring of the PCB center board, causing a lot of cottage manufacturers to imitate, and now Taobao is still popular on the series of F330, F450 and F550 (six-axis) rack. The number in the rack model here indicates the wheelbase size, as indicated by F330, the wheelbase (diagonal distance) of the rack is 330mm.