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The True Meaning Of UAV And Model
Aug 18, 2017

UAV has been slowly known by the public, the popularity is getting higher and higher. Some users are not particularly understand the UAV, often the UAV, model aircraft, toy aircraft are called UAV, the three confused, then the three in the end what is the difference? UAV manufacturers to come One by one under the introduction.

The definition is different

At present our country on the definition of the aircraft model is required within the line of sight, that is, the flight distance of not more than 500 meters, and the height of the air shall not exceed 120 meters, and there are size restrictions, and the model has a dynamic or no power mode ,

The UAV is not the case at all, it is an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by a radio remote control device or its own program control device. You can completely do not have remote control, through the computer, through the ground station, ground circuit to command. Can fly thousands of kilometers away, now known UAV maximum life time of 48 hours, think about it, how far can fly, long distance flight. This is the model is far from reach.

Flight control system is different

The only difference is whether there is a navigation flight control system that can achieve autonomous flight. In popularity, the UAV through the complex central flight control system, with the ground control parameters to interact, control the aircraft's attitude and maneuver to achieve autonomous flight.

Although the model is also unmanned, but in the control of the line of sight within the scope of control by the remote control to achieve maneuver and gesture adjustment. That is, the UAV itself is with the "brain" flight, may "brain" is limited by artificial intelligence, no human brain light. But the model of the "brain" is always on the ground, in the hands of the operator.

Automatic control is different

In the automatic control, the UAV can intelligently cope with various situations, require task execution, data fusion with the ground station and task confirmation, and require the next step. And most of the aircraft model of automatic control can only be achieved after the automatic return control.

Composition is different

Unmanned aerial vehicles than the model to be complex. Aeronautical model by the flight platform, power system, line of sight within the remote control system, mainly for the public's ornamental, the pursuit of the appearance of the real or flight elegance, scientific and technological content is not high.

UAV system consists of flight platform, power system, flight control navigation system, link system, task system, ground station and other components. Mainly in order to complete a specific task, the pursuit of the system is to complete the task, high technology content. Part of the high-end aviation model and low-end unmanned aerial vehicles in the flight platform, power system part is not much difference.