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These Problems Arise In CNC Machining
Dec 29, 2017

These problems arise in CNC machining:

First, the workpiece cut too:

the reason:

1, bullets, knife strength is not long enough or too small, leading to knife bullet.

2, operator improper operation.

3, uneven cutting allowance. (Such as: 0.5 left side of the surface, left to leave 0.15)

4, improper cutting parameters (such as: tolerance is too large, SF settings too fast, etc.).


1, knife principle: can be big or not, can not short.

2, add clear angle program, the balance try to stay uniform, (side and bottom margin remain the same).

3, a reasonable adjustment of cutting parameters, margin rounded at the corner.

4, the use of machine tool SF function, the operator fine-tuning the speed of the machine tool to achieve the best results.

Second, the points in question:

the reason:

1, the operator manual operation is not accurate.

2, Burr around the mold.

3, points in the magnet.

4, the mold is not vertical on the four sides.

1, manual operation to be carefully checked repeatedly, as far as possible at the same point in the same height.

2, the mold around with a stone or file to the burr wipe clean with rags, and finally confirmed by hand.

3, before the sub-points in the mold sub-rods first demagnetization, (available ceramic points rods or other).

4, the school table to check whether the four sides of the mold vertical (large vertical tolerance error with the fitter review program).