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UAV Assembly Need To Pay Attention To Matters
Aug 30, 2017

UAV assembly need to pay attention to the following points:

First, the main control installation points

At present, there are two main design of the main flight control route, one master and IMU (inertial measurement unit) integration, such as zero flight control, the second is the master and IMU separate design, such as a fly control, WOOKONG-M flight control The

1, the master and IMU (inertial measurement unit) integrated flight control, installation of the arrow on the flight control point to the direction of the UAV head;

2, the master and IMU separately designed flight control, the installation of the general requirements of the arrow on the IMU should point to the direction of the UAV head;

3, IMU is very sensitive to vibration. Install the IMU as much as possible in the body vibration smaller place, if necessary, add shock absorber.

UAV manufacturers to sum up is: the installation direction to be correct, the installation of small vibration.

Second, the motor installation attention points

1. Ensure that the motor base is securely connected to the arm. Flying in the motor seat loosening, resulting in motor deflection is also one of the important reasons for the bombing;

2. When using screws to fix the motor, be sure to use screw or other screws.

3. After the motor is installed to correct the level, the motor will cause the stability of the multi-axis UAV greatly reduced;

4. After the installation is complete, to test whether the motor steering is correct. If you find the motor steering wrong, the motor and the three connections in the twist of any two can be. This is also a novice often problems, the motor turned wrong, multi-axis UAV will start off, simply can not take off.

Third, the propeller installation attention points

1. Before installing the propeller, be sure to distinguish between the paddle and the paddle. If the propeller installed, take off due to unbalanced force, unmanned aerial vehicles will be overturned;

2. Fix the screw of the propeller. During the flight due to the high frequency of the motor vibration is likely to cause loosening of the screw caused by jet, the paddle will not only cause the bombing machine, it may also pose and other people's life threat.

Fourth, the connection points to note

Wiring, including power lines, signal lines, power lines, cables and so on. These lines are the most expensive parts of the UAV, but related to the fate of unmanned aerial vehicles, a small line of loosening may lead to the tragedy of the bombing;

1. Line welding must ensure that no welding;

2. When the signal cable is connected, try to apply silicone rubber to prevent the signal line from loosening.

3. After installation must check the signal line connection is correct, especially the electric signal line connection error often lead to ground bombing.

5, GPS installation note points

1.GPS installation direction to be correct, GPS arrows should point to the direction of UAV head;

2.GPS as far as possible from the magnetic interference serious place, generally through the high GPS to solve.

Six, plant protection machine pump installation attention points

The current plant protection machine pump for the brush motor, vibration, install the pump as far as possible to the pump and the body soft connection or the installation of shock absorber.