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What Parts Surface Treatment Need To Do?
Dec 01, 2017

On the parts surface treatment, we need to do:

1, parts processing surface, there should be no scratches, scratches and other defects on the surface of the damaged parts;

2, the processing of the threaded surface does not allow black, bump, chaos buckles and burrs and other defects, all need to paint the surface of the steel parts before painting, rust, oxide, grease, dust, dirt, salt and dirt removed;

3, before rust, first with organic solvents, lye, emulsifiers, steam and other parts to remove the surface of steel, grease, dirt;

4, riveting contact with each other on the surface, before the connection must be coated with a thickness of 30 ~ 40μm rust paint. Lap edges should be closed with paint putty or adhesive. Due to processing or welding damaged primer, to be re-painted;

5, by the peening or manual rusting parts waiting to be painted surface and priming time interval of not more than 6h.

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By Nicole