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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Machining CNC?
Jan 27, 2018

What should be paid attention to when machining CNC?

1. Before each program is processed, it is necessary to strictly confirm whether the cutting tool is consistent with the program;

2. It is necessary to confirm the length of the cutter and whether the tool head is suitable when loading the knife;

3. It is forbidden to start the door in the machine operation to avoid flying knives or flying parts;

4. In the process of processing, the operator must stop immediately, such as pressing the "emergency stop" button or "reset button" button or adjusting the "feed rate" to zero;

5. In the same workpiece, each time the knife needs to be kept in the same area to ensure the operation rules of the accuracy CNC machining center when cutting tool;

6. When too much machining allowance is found in the process of processing, you must use "single-stage" or "pause" the X, Y, Z numerical reset manually after the roll mill off and then back to "zero" let run on its own;

7. The operator shall not leave the machine tool or check the operation status of the machine on a regular basis. If necessary, he/she must designate relevant personnel to check.

8. Clean the aluminum slag in the machine tool to prevent the oil absorption of aluminum slag before spraying the oil;

9. Use the gas to blow in the rough procedure, and spray oil in the process of light knife;

10. Remove the burr in time after the workpiece is dismounted;

11. At the end of work, the operator must make timely and accurate handover to ensure that the subsequent processing can be carried out normally;

12. Ensure that the tool bank is in the original position before shutdown, and the XYZ axis is stopped in the center position, turning off the power supply and the total power on the operation panel of the machine;

In case of thunderstorm, the power supply must be cut off immediately.