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Mirror Polished Parts Machining

Name: Mirror polished parts machining Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, 7075-T6, Stainless steel 304, Stainless steel 316, Carbon steel 1008, 1020, Alloy steel 4140, 4340, Brass 36000, 37710, SS,Casting iron,Copper, Bronze, Titanium Alloy,Powder metal, Other Exotic Metals, Engeneer plastic POM,Delrin,...

Name: Mirror polished parts machining

Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, 7075-T6, Stainless steel 304, Stainless steel 316, Carbon steel 1008, 1020, Alloy steel 4140, 4340, Brass 36000, 37710, SS,Casting iron,Copper, Bronze, Titanium Alloy,Powder metal, Other Exotic Metals, Engeneer plastic POM,Delrin, ABS, PA6, PA66 etc.

Manufacturing Process: CNC

Our services: CNC Machining center,CNC turning, CNC turning and milling compound processing, 3/4/5 axis CNC milling, Casting&forging,Roll mill,wire-cutting, EDM, griding,CNC cutting,laser cutting service,stamping,bending and cutting, etc.

Finish: Mirror polishing

DifficultiesNot easy to polish on small and thin parts

Drawing: CAD data or 2d drawing

Brand name: Noble

Location: Shenzhen, PRC

Note: When the mirror polished mold, do not order if the first polished with fine sandpaper, this is not the rough cut wear off, although it looks very bright polished out of the mold surface, but if you look closely, you can see a lot of coarse texture. Therefore, the right way to do this is to first use the rubbing to grind these coarse textures, then use the abrasive paper to polish them, and then polish them with polishing paste or abrasive paste, so that the polished dies will be very beautiful.

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