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SS 304 Precision Robot Parts Batch Machining, CMM Inspection Available

Name: Precision Robot Parts Machining Parts applications: To fix and assemble the structural robot internal parts Material: CNC milling Finish Treatment: Sand polished by 600# sandpaper Difficulties & Highlights: High precision, difficult to control the deformation Size: As your 3D/2D drawing

Name: Precision Robot Parts Machining

Parts applications: To fix and assemble the structural robot internal parts

Material: CNC machinining, CNC milling

Finish Treatment: Sand polished

Difficulties & Highlights: difficult to control the deformation


We pomise that all our machining service are "as stated" in their descriptions. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every sale we complete. We are a professional factory in CNC machining. So our products are direct from factory, there is no agent, no high markup, so we can offer quality parts yet very competitive price. If you have any requirements please contact us first, most are responded in work days within 2 hours.

Our service: 

Rapid Prototype Service:

CNC Machining, SLA (Stereolithography) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 

CNC Machining Service:

CNC turning, CNC milling, 4-axis CNC milling, 5-axis CNC machining, and complex CNC turning and milling. Various of precision CNC machining.

Mold Making Service:

According to customer’s requirement that we can develop mold by ourselves. We have the produce mold capacity.

Parts Production, Assembly, Testing and Packaging service:

To reduce your cost that we produce plastic and metal parts. Assembly is the most important step in the production process. We can finish assembly, testing and packing in one-stop.

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